Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In the garden- Paperwhites

In The Garden

Now, if any of you are aware... Sunday here in Northern Michigan the temperature was a bone chilling -25 out side! YIKES! Well that didnt stop me from wanting a nice eco-friendly centerpiece for Easter. EASTER!? What? Its only January! I know I know, but these things take time.

While walking through the local convenient store today I found these boxes of paperwhites. Better yet... they were on SALE! Score! I picked up two boxes of this do it yourself planting kit. Tonight the kids and I put them together.
Now we wait! They have to sit in a cold dark place for two weeks so that they establish roots. Then we get to bring them out and let them grow! The box says they should be in full bloom within 3-6 weeks! I will be posting photos of the progress!

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