Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review- Lunette


This review is for the Ladies!
(Warning... review may contain graphic content!)

First of all I need to thank Lunette for giving me the oppertunity to review their product. Now what is their product? Lunette is a menstral cup? A what?!?! This nice little contraption that replaces pads and tampons! Thats right REPLACES! Talk about eco friendly "mother nature"!
Ok so where to start.... oooohhh... how bout a photo so you can see what I am talking about...

So thats what it looks like! Now what do you do with it? The cup is inserted into your vagina so that it can catch your flow. I know what you are thinking... "you want me to put what where!?!?!" It is not hard and suprisingly comfortable! It may take a few trys to get it perfectly positioned, but once you get the hang of it you will never go back to pads and tampons again!
Ok so some questions I had... ANSWERED for you.

Q: What is it made of becuse I have latex allergies?
A. Lunette is made of medical grade silicone and it is odourless!

Q: How often do I have to empty the cup?
A. Lunette can be worn up to 12 hours at a time before you need to empty and wash. After washed and refreshed may be worn again for another 12 hours before repeating the process!

Q: How long does Lunette last?
A. Lunette taken care of properly can keep for as long as 10 years! Lunette Feel Better Liquid Wash is good for 24 months after opening (this is to clean the cup in between uses!)

Q: What activities can I do while wearing the cup?
A. Simple everything except have sex! (For obveous reasons!)

Q: Is it realy as easy to use as people say?
A. As long as you are familar with your anatamy and confident YES it is as easy as people say!

So that leads me to my next part... How do you use it?

There is a vidio on ways to fold Lunette found here

I am not sure how to say exactly how much I LOVE this product! I have been telling my friends non stop about this and I even bought my bestie one... her response to me when I first told her about it was "I am scared, but curious!" I think that is a fair responce when someone tells you they are never buying pads again! lol!

Anyway... here is my Lunette story.... I purchased my Lunette Diana here not that it makes a differance what one I purchased because they are all the same just color differance and each color comes is two sizes. (figure out what size you are here) After purchasing I not so patiently waited for my package to arrive in my mailbox. 5 minutes after I recieved my package from Lunette I recieved my package from 'mother nature'. Talk about timing! Ha! Anyway... right to work. Washed my cup for the first time with my Lunette Feel Better Liquid Wash (Found here) Then I folded and inserted... WOW! EASY! And just to test it... I did jumping jacks! (yup... Im a dork!) Next day I went to work... had one little flub, with a little investigation I figured out that I did not have the placement right. And for using the restroom... takes a little getting used to, but you dont have to remove the cup! Day 3 I put Lunette to the shopping test... Walk walk walk! EASY! Day 4 as my flow slowed... it didnt matter! Lunette can be used how much or how little your flow is! And no drying from tampons or sweating from pads!  O and did I mention bed time? This cup can be worn all night with no flubs! Even the morning gush was no match for the cup! (yall know what the morning gush is right? when ya stand up for the first time and Newtons law of gravity takes place... what goes up must come down!) Anyway now at the end of my monthly taking the cup out for the last time. All I have to do is wash it with FeelBetter Liquid Wash... then BOIL for 5 minutes... place in its cute little bag that it came with and VIOLA! Ready for next month when we start the process all over, but this time I am ready and actually looking forward to it!

 I highly recomend this product to EVERY lovely lady out there that has the pleasure of dealing with 'mother nature'! But as with anything make sure you contact your physician before using Lunette!

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